Meeting Confusion

Instead of struggling against the force of confusion, we could meet it and relax. When we do that, we gradually discover that clarity is always there. In the middle of the worst scenario of the worst person in the world, in the middle of all the heavy dialogue with ourselves, open space is always there. ~ Pema Chodron

Upon awakening this beautiful morning, my initial thoughts were how blessed I am to be on this earth.  Last evening I participated in a very loving Venus transit gathering with other like-minded individuals.  It was a very moving and powerful experience which demonstrated the possibilities of how love for our universe and holding love in a group can transmit a peaceful energy to be set forth in the world. 

However, life is a lot more like the flowing creek I  walked past this morning, constantly changing and always moving.  This to carries a certain beauty to it; however, it does require one to be more mindful.  Mindfulness, the age-old issue for all human beings, staying present.  I am not always mindful with my words, or thoughts, and may I be forgiven just as I must forgive those who are also not mindful with their thoughts, actions, and deeds.  It is in this place that the real work begins.

After reading some news stories this morning as to the recent election in Wisconsin and commentary regarding the same, I am most certainly called upon to begin the real work again and the ethereal experience of last evening is simply a moment I carry in my heart in order to do that work.  I am shocked and saddened by people’s reactions and comments to this recent election, and as I began my walk by the creek I was actually brought to tears over the unenlightened state of mankind.  Feeling overwhelmed, and certain of our eminent doom, I sobbed even more for the fate of mankind.  However, I decided to gather up the love which was so welcoming and embracing last evening from people I did not know, who did not stand in judgment of me, and freely loved me, I gather that love and I open my heart to the world today so that it might be healed.  I am following Pema’s advice, and instead of struggling against the forces of confusion that permeate this world, I will meet it and relax, finding that open space.  Look for your open space today, and in it may your heart be open and in turn help heal the world. 




About Wildflower Women

Welcome to my site. I am writing to give people inspiration to hold their voices, especially as concerns the grieving process. My hope is that everyone finds a little inspiration from my site. We are all a work in progress! Namaste.
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2 Responses to Meeting Confusion

  1. blakewittman says:

    I very much try to align with Pema’s words as well. Interested to know more about the Venus transit though. Sounds interesting.


    • As to the Venus transit, it was a celebration of awakening the Divine Sacred Feminine energies in our world. Venus represents the heart and feminine side of our being, and the sun represents our individuality, or masculine side. Venus eclipsing the Sun represents an awakening of the Divine Sacred Feminine energies in our world. Therefore, Venus aligning with the Sun is symbolic of our Feminine and Masculine energies coming into balance. Venus eclipsing the Sun symbolizes our need to consider the feminine expression first and allow the feminine energies to guide and balance masculine expression. Balance is the key to everything in life.


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