Listening to your heart, why do we so often turn away from what we know at once we must do?  Is it simply because we do not trust our own intuition? We all have intuition at some level, we might just view others as having more because they have learned to develop it and listen to it.  How can you develop your intuition you might ask?  Well, one way would be to turn to persons who lead classes in such areas, and I can suggest one such person, John Corsa (  It is a practice, not something we wake up with each day and are able to tap into without work!  Even the world’s greatest spiritual beings practice each and every day to stay in touch with their spirit.  So, we get that we must practice, and we do it and then we fall off and we all to quickly chastise ourselves for not being good enough.  We are good enough, just get back up again and begin again right where you are at.  It is simple, really just that simple, begin again.

Personally, I have begun again and again.  I knew in my long-term marriage that things were not right; we had not sat down and drawn up a will together, together being the operative word.  I listened to my Ivy League educated attorney spouse tell me over and over again that I would be fine, no need to worry my pretty little head over it all.  We had a child together, and still I ignored the warnings I received all the time.  There was some little thing pushing at me to make certain this was taken care of, we needed to sit down together with another lawyer and get things in writing so that I was taken care of along with our child.  You see, I gave up having a career to be a stay at home mother to his two stepchildren and our own child, and to enable him to pursue his career goals to the fullest.  I loved this job, I felt I was born to be a stay at home mom and for the most part I was joyful in this role.  Then the unexpected occurred, my lovely spouse of almost 20 years woke up one morning after returning from another of his exhausting work extravaganzas out of state and had an aortic dissection and did not survive.  He was gone within 3 hours and I was a widow and I did not even have a home or a car titled in my name.  He had a million excuses as to why this was so, and I listened and bought into his excuses, allowing him to perpetuate a life long disease, yes disease, of money fears.  I too must have had the disease, since I simply choose to ignore my intuition that something was wrong with this picture.  I ignored it until it was too late for my child and me.  My son was 12 years old when his father died that November morning, and I, a brain tumor survivor who had given up a career, was faced with raising a child alone with no home, no car, and very little money.  I had given up my intuition!  It was too difficult to practice, to lean into it and listen.  I was content to ignore my intuition, and now I was going to pay a big price, as was my son.  Not fair to him, and not fair to me, but I choose this path.

What I am hoping to bring to light for others is the simple fact you don’t have to ignore your intuition, listen to it, and practice it on a daily basis.  Seek out the gifts of others who have developed theirs and can guide you (John Corsa).  It is your duty on this planet to bring forth the gifts you came into the world with, and you cannot simply put that off because it is work!  I am still and forever will be a work in progress.  I wake up each day fearful of change, of what might be lurking around the corner for my now almost 21-year-old son and me, but I have learned I must work at it and make it a practice.  You can do the same, just listen.


About Wildflower Women

Welcome to my site. I am writing to give people inspiration to hold their voices, especially as concerns the grieving process. My hope is that everyone finds a little inspiration from my site. We are all a work in progress! Namaste.
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2 Responses to Listening

  1. kmoore20 says:

    Powerful message. Most appreciate the message that listening to one’s intuition has to be a daily, constant practice to grow.


    • Thank you, yes we all must learn to listen, for it is there. Just the other day while running I had a very odd sensation, it almost made me stop on the trail, but I thought it was silly and kept on running. I kept right on running into a snake, which I am incredibly afraid of and try to avoid at all costs! Had I listened to my intuition telling me to turn around, I would have had a much more enjoyable run.


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