We all comprehend the idea of impermanence, which simply put is the concept that if we are born we must die, it is part of the process of the cycle of life.  However, why is it that we reject so much of this idea in our daily lives?  I just returned from a drive to a friend’s house that burned to the ground in the most recent wildfires around my home turf and I was struck by how random it all is.  My friend’s house is gone; nothing left but the massive concrete staircase outside that once lead to her front door.  The drive in her neighborhood was rather ominous for certain, and yet all around the destruction there was life.  Next to a house that burned to the ground stood a house with vibrant green grass, which in turn stood next to yet another home where the exterior was filthy with sot, all a calling card of sorts left by the fire to serve as a reminder of impermanence!  Will the people in those immediate areas ever forget the fire, no, but most will more than likely forget the lesson, as it is human nature.  Personally, I have forgotten the lesson time and again in my own life.

As this year of 2012 is rounding into home plate in a few months, it is important that we all get comfortable with the idea of impermanence and accept it in order that we may be in alignment with the universe.  Settle in, have a cup of tea, look it right in the eye and acknowledge the fact that what we have today right this minute might not be here the next and really be okay with this idea.  If we are able to accept this, we will be able to live a more joyful life with open hearts and shine our light into the universe, i.e., share the gifts we came into this life to share.  We all have a purpose and a gift to shine forth, and fear and worry will keep you stymied and locked down from being fully present.  I know, fear and worry have been big factors in my own life!

Get used to impermanence, your home may burn to the ground tomorrow; it is only a material object.  It keeps you warm, protects you from the elements, but that is all it is meant to do.  Let go of the granite counter tops, the stainless steel appliances, the grand staircase, listen instead to the laughter and the joy of the people who fill that home.  Let joy guide you on your journey on this planet.  I am going to try, as I have acknowledged that my home no longer serves me and I need to shed it like a snake sheds its skin, and step into the light of my own life and voice.  Driving by a portion of the fire area showed me yet again that it can all change in just a moment!  However, it is okay to be reminded as many times as necessary, as long as you learn to find the joy and share the gifts you came into this world with at the time of your birth.  Joy is a gift, tap into it, spread it forth into the universe, and then let go and see where the journey takes you!

In the end
these things matter most:

How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go? ~ Siddhārtha Gautama

About Wildflower Women

Welcome to my site. I am writing to give people inspiration to hold their voices, especially as concerns the grieving process. My hope is that everyone finds a little inspiration from my site. We are all a work in progress! Namaste.
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