May all the Stars Shine Upon Your Path

What’s difficult in life is to stay centered when somebody does or says something that tempts us to close our hearts because their heart was closed. That is hard. But that is also how we grow. We go through those circumstances in order to evolve into people who can hold to our loving center no matter what the world throws us.~ Marianne Williamson

What do you notice about yourself, deep in your heart what do you feel? Does your heart feel whole and complete? Do you feel love in your heart? My heart often feels wounded, and when it does often my go to place is to shut down, to withdraw, and to isolate. This has been my life’s pattern, to isolate and withdraw when things don’t feel good. In looking back, I recognize this is what I was taught to do. I was taught to hide things, never discuss them or acknowledge them. It is inherently more comfortable for all concerned if we just put our emotions away, neatly mind you, in the corner, a box, somewhere other than for anyone to see, least of all myself. And then comes the all too familiar rush of being out of balance.

Lately, and most often, I worry a lot about money. I worry if I am going to have enough for my future care. I worry if I should be thinking of planning the trips I want to take. I worry if I should be purchasing organic foods rather than the cheaper foods. Then I worry if I eat the cheaper foods that I will be ingesting toxins! I worry if I have been a good mother, a good friend and the list goes on and on. I think you get the picture, and perhaps you can see yourself in this picture as well. We spend so much time worrying that we forget to stop and experience the moment. The moment is all we truly have, and in it we can find little slices of joy. This joy fills our hearts and when our hearts are full, that joy overflows out into the world, as opposed to when our hearts are closed off, stashed in the corner out of sight.

This living fully and in the present is a practice, one we must come to each and every day. We are not less than if we notice we have gone astray, if we feel anger wash over us in the moment someone cuts us off in traffic, or when we feel that monkey mind start spinning. We are never less than, after all how could we be since we are all god like in our infinite being. We can acknowledge these feelings, let them wash over us, leaning into each and every one as it arises, remembering our breath as we sit.  We must allow for these things to pass, and become a witness to life in all of its magnificent glory. It is to be found in the simple moments, from the sun’s rays that brilliantly shine through the window, the rain falling softly on the ground, the snowflakes gently covering our magnificent mother Earth. This is where the stillness lies. Take note of it, step into it and breathe. You are a perfect child of God just as you stand in this moment. There is no need for anything more. Be that love that light and let it shine like a beacon onto the world. May all the stars shine upon your path.

Everything you have in life can be taken from you except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.
This is what determines the quality of the life we’ve lived.
Not whether we’ve been rich or poor,
famous or unknown, healthy or suffering.
What determines our quality of life is
how we relate to these realities.~Viktor Frankl



About Wildflower Women

Welcome to my site. I am writing to give people inspiration to hold their voices, especially as concerns the grieving process. My hope is that everyone finds a little inspiration from my site. We are all a work in progress! Namaste.
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3 Responses to May all the Stars Shine Upon Your Path

  1. Michael says:

    A lovely, honest and perfectly human post. Oh, those worries… Dissolving them feels like the heart of any practice. I think somehow that sharing these experiences makes it okay, brings people together along this axis of commonality, where we find, when we stand together, the worries don’t make any sense… It’s almost like the worries are tied to our separateness, if that makes any sense. All of which is to say, I know the feelings you have described…



  2. Thank you Michael, and that does make sense . . . our worries keep us separate from self, others, the universe, but when we can let go of them we can see clearly.


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