Letting Go

What is your spirit communicating to you precisely at this moment? Is it calling you to look within, to see who you are and to see that we are all interconnected? Or are you holding on to the past, unable to move in a forward direction? Tonight, September 25, 2014, is a good time to let go of all the debris you might be holding onto from the past, all the things the ego likes to clutch onto that are toxic to our overall health, both to our minds and our bodies. With this date coinciding with the new moon (which commenced last evening), and the celebration of Navaratri as well as the Jewish New Year, it is an even more auspicious time to clear out the old, to make way for the new. It is an optimal time to purify and cleanse in order to set the stage for restoration of that which we desire to manifest in our lives. Tonight, create a ritual for yourself by lighting a candle; saying a blessing, gazing up at the magnificent universe in the starry night sky, while perhaps using a crystal of your choice, I am being called to anything that is light blue. Blue marks the beginning of life and emotion. Within the light shades of blue crystals we find acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation, patience, dealing with guilt, and recovery. So grab a beautiful Angelite (love the name), a Celestite, or a Blue Chalcedony and go sit outside under the stars and let go of all that is keeping you from living your best life.


We are earth people on a spiritual journey to the stars. Our quest, our earth walk, is to look within, to know who we are, to see that we are connected to all things, that there is no separation, only in the mind.

~ Lakota Seer

About Wildflower Women

Welcome to my site. I am writing to give people inspiration to hold their voices, especially as concerns the grieving process. My hope is that everyone finds a little inspiration from my site. We are all a work in progress! Namaste.
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6 Responses to Letting Go

  1. Beautiful post that so resonates with my heart…. IAM at the final stage of letting go of things that no longer serve my best interest… even though it includes family… and my heart bursting open… But I know it’s for the best and I breathe deeply and calming and somehow balance myself and know that all is well… Take good care of yourself Heather… and thank you for being YOU… Barbara


  2. Healing Grief says:

    Beautiful idea. Thanks for an encouraging post.


  3. Karen, thank you for supporting me! Happy healing to us all.


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  5. Delightfully encouraging and something I needed to read and internalize this minute. Thanks for your post and for following Poemattic.


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