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We can be fluid and shift with changes, or we can confront changes from a space of fear. March is a period of change, and the timing of the second eclipse this month, Wednesday, March 23, is a perfect opportunity … Continue reading

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Temple of the Future

What do you see as the temple of your future, and how would you like to create that space? In his speech “The Gods” (1872), the “Great Agnostic” Robert Ingersoll, a Humanist and the best-known orator of his time, said … Continue reading

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Happy International Women’s Day

By definition, a woman with a voice is a strong woman.  Make it your day every day by finding and using your voice in whatever small way you can.  It does make a difference!  To find out more about the … Continue reading

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Essence of Self

Our pure unaltered essence speaks to us in our silence, blurring the edges of time, and in this place we are able to become one unified whole. When we are able to reach into our depths and tap into this … Continue reading

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A Morning Offering

A Morning Offering I bless the night that nourished my heart To set the ghosts of longing free Into the flow and figure of dream That went to harvest from the dark Bread for the hunger no one sees. All … Continue reading

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