Blossom with Love

I am blooming from the wound where I once bled. ~ Rune Lazuli

This quote spoke directly to my heart, the place where I have bled when I have laid myself bare to another. When I have taken a risk to share my authentic self, and not held back I have been able to touch the boundless energy of joy. Yes, I have bled copious amounts and felt like my heart has gone into shock on the other side of joy. I have had electrocardiograms preformed when I felt like it was bursting. Why would I feel this way you might wonder, or why would I lay myself bare to another? We will all loose someone we love to death, there is no way around that in this thing we call living. We will all loose a relationship with someone we love. We can go inside our cave of fear, protecting ourselves from all the pain of sorrow. We can lie under the covers, watch old movies, not get dressed, and not participate in love. We can choose to stop loving ourselves and to stop living. I don’t recommend any of these things for a long-term plan. This beautiful blue planet we call home is so rich with pleasures and experiences why would you want to hide away from it all just to protect your heart from bleeding? The choice is to step out, step off the cliff and let your heart sore, let it bloom with boundless joy. Having sat on both sides, I am well aware that it is safe to sit in your own creation of a cave, but it is far more fun and delightful to take the leap and bloom. What one thing can you do today to take that step into joy?

12961496_10209188745217873_2243052493928705434_nphoto credit:  D. Wittman – Blue Eye, Albania (April, 2016)

About Wildflower Women

Welcome to my site. I am writing to give people inspiration to hold their voices, especially as concerns the grieving process. My hope is that everyone finds a little inspiration from my site. We are all a work in progress! Namaste.
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8 Responses to Blossom with Love

  1. I love the quote and your post. When we allow our hearts to be vulnerable and heal our wounds we can experience joy.

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  2. Michael says:

    I love the analogy of the wound in our experience. I think Rumi called it the place where light enters us, right? I also like the quote you picked out here. I think you are right– we are called to life. That laying of oneself bare seems to lead us to the richness of who we are I think. And that richness, expressed, is living.

    Peace and Love

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  3. alohaleya says:

    Beautiful post, this really speaks to me today…I am happy to receive the message! Time to venture out of the cave. ❤ Thank you, Aleya

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