Be Still

When we are free enough to be wherever we must be, we find ourselves often in the center.

This is a difficult one for many of us to practice at times. When I get needy and come from a place of fear I often want to run away and/or chase in an attempt to assure that I will be the center. Knowing this is fundamentally not the path to love, I still manage to get caught on one side or the other by either pushing people away or pulling them too strongly toward my center. It is the duality of human nature.  When one is able to rest in the place they are and know that what is will sustain the soul then you will have achieved a modicum of equanimity.  Be comfortable, secure, believe you are enough and your world will transform into a happier, richer community.

We all wish for happiness, and we may all know it when we return to our center. But how can we handle the winds of change that blow through our daily lives, along with unpredictable circumstances that also occur with some frequency and are beyond our control? For me, it is about coming to my meditation mat or going for a run, which I refer to as my moving meditation, taking a yoga class, or listening to some music specific to the root chakra. All of these things assist me in grounding my core, which is really where all the magic happens. When we are able to let go of our need to control people, other events, ourselves and to simply observe we may choose to remain in our center. The center is the place of balance on the scales, the place where we may fill our vessel because we are fully open and therefore rich with possibility. It is about being aware, letting go of the need to control, staying with the moment, the now. This requires a commitment of self, a commitment to practice the meditation, yoga, exercise. A commitment to show up and do the work, and when we show up and are present in the moment, we may be replenished. What one thing can you do today to replenish your soul?

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. ~ Carl Sagan


About Wildflower Women

Welcome to my site. I am writing to give people inspiration to hold their voices, especially as concerns the grieving process. My hope is that everyone finds a little inspiration from my site. We are all a work in progress! Namaste.
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4 Responses to Be Still

  1. rithvikjiggs says:

    Amazing post windflower woman👌. We are in the same place lol. How do we trust people and live life as I’ve seen great sages turn towards their ego in a harsh way. That’s where I’m stumbling on. Love how you have differentiated duality. Looking forward to more posts :’). God bless

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  2. Exactly what I needed to do more of this week and wrote a similar post to yours! “All of these things assist me in grounding my core, which is really where all the magic happens” Absolutely the truth. 🙂

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