Little Red Riding Hood


Why are we all so afraid of change? We cling to the familiar, even when it no longer serves us. We don’t want to open the box as it might contain darkness! We all want things to remain the same, keep the ‘status quo’. However, our world has changed. It has changed from its climate, to the policy values of its politicians. The Earth cannot sustain its current human population, and yet we live in abject fear of making any change to our lives. While watching the attached video about fear and change, it resonated deeply in my core. I wanted to share it on my FB page, and yet I did not for fear it would offend some of my conservative friends. I did not want them to feel any discomfort. In fact, I hold in my mind and heart what one friend shared about how her mother ‘unfriended’ people who shared any political opinions on FB! Could she be on to something, should we simply be using this platform to share cute photos of puppy dogs and kittens? Should we just share our light moments, and keep the rest to ourselves? Perhaps. However, for me life is messy, and it is real. If I don’t share some things on FB, be they what I deem to be well written articles, to following certain politicians, to conservation groups, and more, all of whom are out there attempting to make a change, then what good am I doing to uphold our fragile society? Or is it keeping our society safe and is it enough to simply like puppy dogs and kittens? What I do know is that yes, I am still sitting here in fear. I am also trying to make the right decisions, trying to be kind, and trying to share love from my heart. This video resonated with me, and I want to leave behind my fears. What about you, how does this video make you feel?

About Wildflower Women

Welcome to my site. I am writing to give people inspiration to hold their voices, especially as concerns the grieving process. My hope is that everyone finds a little inspiration from my site. We are all a work in progress! Namaste.
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12 Responses to Little Red Riding Hood

  1. steve barta says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful. thx for sharing this. B

    Steve Barta


    Grammy Nominee

    Steinway Artist



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    • shamanism1 says:

      Heather I absolutely love love this!! I have shared it on my Facebook page too. I remember doing a blog about the wolves returning in 1995. It was a significant time of immense change and this speech is a great example to every woman. No more puppy dogs or cats! Let’s empower each other to rise up, be seen, live our truth, let go of these fears and receive the abundance we deserve! 💚💕🙏🏻

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      • Thank you for your wonderfully kind words, Karen. Hope you have been well. I have been away for some time from this forum, trying to get back to it. Your words are very empowering, and yes we must empower one another, especially in these crazy times! Love and abundance.

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      • shamanism1 says:

        It’s always lovely to connect with you Heather 🌈💕 and I am doing Oracle card readings and counselling on-line now, so if you, or someone you know would like some insight into a situation, I would love to help 💕💚🌈 xx many blessings to you

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      • Thank you Karen. I did see that. I may have to do a read for myself sometime soon.

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  2. I’m glad you shared that video. Thank you. And I hear you on the issue of what to not share.

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  3. What can we do about our climate changes and the earth being able to sustain us?

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